The Daily Doll appeared as an independent part of the MuñecArt exhibition.
Once we realized that it was not enough to do an exhibition alone, that an international project was needed that could unite masters, collectors and everyone who is interested in the art of dolls all over the world. A project where everyone can find the information they need, in any language.
It has long been known that creative people are the most vulnerable, it is more difficult for them to resist external influences, especially when there is no support.
Some masters are united in various associations, but the associations themselves are not united in any way.
We propose to join forces in order not only to survive in difficult times, but also to try to succeed.
Support and development of doll art is the main mission of the project.
What can be found here?
Various materials related to doll art: fashion, costume, techniques, houses, collecting, history, etc.
Author's blogs. Master classes. Announcements and review articles about doll exhibitions.
On this site, authors can place an announcement about their master class, sell it or their work.
It will be easier for collectors to learn the latest information about new works by their favorite masters, as well as discover new names.
In short, it is a modern, convenient tool for communicating all those involved in the art of dolls.


The idea, as well as the rights to the project, belong to Irina Abrasokina and Ilona Chernyshova.