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    Exhibition of author textile dolls, art textile and felt in St. Petersburg (24 June - 3 July 2022). An exhibition of author dolls, art textiles and felting has opened in St Petersburg, at the Centre for Books and Graphics Gallery. In two halls of the exposition are the works of doll artists from different cities of Russia, near and far abroad. The exhibition brought together over 120 works by 45 authors from ...
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    The Hatter is the hero of Alice in Wonderland. In this video I will tell you how to make a movable toy with your own hands. Such an articulated doll will not only be an unusual gift, but will please both children and adults. The size of the doll: 18.5 x 6.5 cm. Necessary materials and tools: Binding cardboard 1.5 mm, Cardboard thin Capron stockings Threads Lace ...
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    On 18 June in Moscow, Amber Plaza, Krasnoproletarskaya Street, d. 36, took place Russia's largest BJD-Con, the annual exhibition-festival dedicated to BJD and other articulated dolls - Dollscar This is the main event of the year for all lovers of articulated dolls! There are creative competitions, a huge trade zone, Russian and foreign participants, and most importantly - continuous communication with like-minded people. ...
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    In this workshop, you will learn how to create a textile flower bouquet with your own hands. Have fun creating it! Material prepared by Anastasia Golenieva  
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    Jabot - (from French jabot - bird's mouth) appeared in European costume in the XVII century, firmly entrenched in the male costume of the French nobility and valued more than other accessories! Jabot with snow-white shirt should have certainly stood out in the neckline of the waistcoat or camisole. An interesting fact - jabot was a favorite costume element not only for the nobility, but also for pirates.
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    In this video I will tell you how to make miniature samovars for a doll composition. Materials needed: Cardboard Wire beads foil Tinfoil Tinfoil "Iris" String Acrylic paint PVA Glue Thermal Adhesive Scissors Leather Pliers Pliers Brushes Enjoy the creativity! Material prepared by Tiunova Alexandra  
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    Today we present Anastasia Goleneva and her work 'Lobster', an amazing craftsman who creates memorable images from textiles. The master talks about herself: Higher education, a fashion designer. Vyacheslav Zaitsev taught a composition course in the 5th year of the institute. Diploma defence took place in his fashion house. Worked in the manufacture of women's fashion clothes for 15 years. After the birth of her second son, she left ...
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    Interview with Margarita Dadykina, puppet master, artist Background: Margarita Dadykina. Engaged in author dolls since 2015. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Applied and Decorative Arts (section of the author's doll) Chief of work with members of the International Union of dollmakers "Unidia" (Spain, Alicante) Works with polymer clays (both baked and self-cured), recently actively works in the technique of papier-mache.
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    The 16th Kurashiki Hina Exhibition of Art Dolls (Bikan District, Okayama Prefecture) has opened in Kurashiki, Japan. The exhibition features 53 Japanese and international artists 、 Three halls in the main building are home to dolls made by Japanese and foreign artists using various techniques such as articulated, textile, static and moving dolls. The works are made of different materials: polymer clay, textiles, ...
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    In the last days of spring, the main exhibition of designer dolls and teddy bears presents new collections by Russian masters. The famous art balloon will once again gather the best artists who will present a new project called "A Night in the Garden or a collection of unhurried reflections". "Night in the Garden" brings together several visual stories flowing from one to the other, stories within stories. Project "Barbie - Two Lives" Specially ...