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    Every time, after the publication of TOP 100 DailyDoll, the editorial mail is flooded. We tried to make a list of the most frequent questions. - Is this a contest? No. It's not a contest. TOP 100 DailyDoll is an independent annual ranking of the most colourful dolls in the world. - How can I participate in this project? To participate in the TOP 100 ...
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    Dear friends, a few words from the editorial team before you start looking at the TOP 100 DailyDoll 2023. This year we dedicate it to the memory of Lisa Lichtenfels, who left us last year. Her work opens the list of the most striking works, according to the magazine. TOP 100 DailyDoll is not just a list of the best dolls of the year, it is a tribute to ...
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    Dear friends, we present to you the long-awaited DailyDoll Top 100 of the past year 2022. It has been a very challenging year for everyone. That's why we especially appreciate the work created during such a difficult time. As always, we have made a random selection of colourful dolls. Of course, there are many more interesting works than 100, and we would like to show them all, but then this list we ...
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    Laura Scattolini, author of the "Little Matchstick" doll, is a member of the Gaudir 2023 jury. "I have been in the world of puppets for many years, but I have only created "Little Red Riding Hood" based on fairy tales. Last October I took part in the dolls exhibition "Fiabe & Fantasy" in Rome. For this exhibition I made "Alice in Wonderland". A collector, ...
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    DDNEWS' choice for January 2023 was an amazing composition by Irina Abrasokina "Christmas creche". The author used antique figurines and a real pumpkin to create this work. "Everything I do, projects or dolls, is purely by the dictates of my heart." Irina is the organiser of the MUNECART exhibition and the GAUDIR competition. She co-authored projects such as, DAILYDOLL.NEWS magazine, marketplaces ...
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    There are only hours to go until everyone's favourite holiday - New Year. A new year is not just the beginning of the calendar year, it is new hopes, successes and victories! We want to share with you our successes in 2022, because thanks to all of you we are developing and striving to become better! In April 2022, we held the VIII International ...
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    We are proud to present an interview with puppetry legend Laura Scattolini. Summer is over Fans of her work will also be interested to know that Laura has agreed to be a jury member for the Gaudir competition in 2023. Apple Pie Laura, tell us how long have you been making dolls and how did you come to this? It's hard for me to establish when I've been making dolls... ... ...
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    Artist, doll maker Sylvia Weser was born and lived in Germany. Her dolls have many awards - the best doll in Europe, awards in several Eurodoll nominations. Even in her youth she was interested in art and took up painting and sculpture. Her love for dolls started with collecting. When Sylvia made her first clay and plasticine dolls she realised that ...
  • christmas tale the nutcracker and the mouse king 11

    "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" (German: Nußknacker und Mausekönig) is a Christmas story-tale by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann that has become an integral part of New Year and Christmas readings, plays and productions. After 200 years, the fairy tale has been interpreted in theatre performances, animation and feature films. Working on the production of The Nutcracker at the Mariinsky Theatre, Mikhail Shemyakin created about a thousand sketches, but it was important for him to ...
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    New Year's souvenir toys created according to the traditional patterns of folk crafts are recognised as the World Heritage of Humanity by the international organisation UNESCO. These days in many cities of the world New Year and Christmas fairs open, where you can see figures for the creche, Santa Claus in the national dress of the country and region of origin, as well as sweet gingerbread, candy and ... kind smiles of passers-by. In recent ...