• hybrid-creatures-lisa-clague-10

    Lisa Clague's characteristic figurative sculpture hovers between fantasy and reality - playful, mysterious, contemplative. "My work evokes a place between the subconscious and the intangible," notes Lisa Clague. "My masked figures are hybrid beings, masters of ambiguity and disguise, seduction and deception. These images, like dreams, are familiar but illusory." In the 1980s, Lisa Clague literally ...
  • wax figures urs fischer 1

    A series of sculptures by renowned contemporary artist Urs Fischer is a kind of monument to impermanence, transformation, the flow of time, the changes happening to our world and creative destruction. "Dasha" (2018) is a life-size wax candle depicting Dasha Zhukova, a friend of Urs Fischer and renowned gallery owner. Entirely cast in wax, she is dressed in a pink dress and sitting on a chair. The wick on the ...
  • Meet Youmeng Lius amazing edible embroidery 61653eae1be8f 01

    Embroidery is an ancient art, but artists of our time are creating their own unique techniques. British embroidery artist Youmeng Liu is pushing the boundaries of her craft by creating her own 3D embroidery technique. She uses a special needle to push a coloured thread through a fabric base to create a three-dimensional textile ingredient. She then uses scissors to outline the mouthwatering shapes of the embroidered dish. В ...
  • Master class by Robert Cooper

    Robert Cooper is an established ceramic artist who is widely recognised in the UK and beyond. He is fascinated by the vitality of artefacts and the large role they play in art. Robert's work often utilises found objects, such as pottery shards from the banks of the Thames, which are imbued with previous life. Such finds become the basis for a new project. В ...