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    At the beginning of the 20th century, fashion underwent many transformations, and one of the most extravagant and memorable trends was the hobble skirt. This unique wardrobe element, which peaked in popularity between 1908 and 1914, was designed to emphasise femininity and grace, but at the same time significantly restricted the freedom of movement of the wearer. The hobble skirt was a narrow skirt with a ...
  • poncho-history-thedailydollnews-2024-1-2

    The poncho is a unique piece of national outerwear that has its roots in Latin America. The history of the poncho begins with the Araucano Indians who lived in the mountainous regions. It was they who were the first to sew and wear ponchos. The main advantage of this garment was that it provided warmth and comfort without restricting movements due to the loose cut. The most ancient ...
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    A chatelaine is a piece of jewellery in the form of a chain that is attached to a belt or pocket and serves to store various small items: keys, wallet, pocket watch, scissors etc. Chatelets were especially popular in the XVIII-XIX centuries and were considered a stylish and practical accessory. Nowadays they have regained popularity, becoming not only a piece of jewellery, but also a bright ...
  • granny-square-dailydollnews-2023-1-2

    Granny square or granny square is not just a knitting technique, it is a real symbol of cosiness and warmth. Fluffy yarn and delicate shades create an atmosphere that envelops us every time we touch this craft. But why do so many people love this technique so much? The history of the granny square goes back to Europe, where thrifty housewives used leftover yarn to ...
  • kathleen-dustin-handbags-1-2

    Art can be magnificent, but it often remains at a distance from everyday life. How often do we see beautiful objects that have no real practical value? Kathleen Dustin, a talented artist, has decided to remedy this situation by turning a woman's handbag into a true work of art. Kathleen Dustin, who originally dreamed of becoming a jazz pianist and travelling the world, eventually chose ...
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    Timberland's oak tree logo has deep historical roots. It symbolises generational continuity, as the brand's founder, Nathan Schwartz, together with his sons turned the company into a family business. This emphasises their commitment to producing high quality shoes that will last for years to come. Nathan Schwartz (left) with his son Sidney Schwartz (right) One of Timberland's key achievements ...
  • dailydollnews history denim shorts 1

    It's hard to imagine a more familiar and popular summer item than denim shorts. Women have been wearing them for decades, however, it was not always considered decent. Denim shorts officially appeared in the U.S. in the mid-20th century: in the 50's, the company Levi's presented the first collection of denim clothing Levi's Denim Family, in which the shorts appeared. ....
  • puppet-theater-moschino-2021-1-2

    During the pandemic, the world famous fashion house MOSCHINO held a show of the 2021 clothing collection with the help of puppets! Jeremy Scott hosted the MOSCHINO show as a puppeteer. Doll models in couture outfits walked in front of the puppet guests. According to the designer, he wanted to give his fans the opportunity to distract themselves from everyday reality and immerse themselves in the world of fairy tales. He succeeded! ...
  • John Galliano and Gustav Klimt 7

    John Galliano's autumn-winter 2007-2008 couture collection "Artists' Ball" was dedicated to the history of world art. Galliano was inspired by the works of many artists, among them was the painting of Gustav Klimt. The creative artist of the French fashion house Christian Dior John Galliano, inspired by the painting of Gustav Klimt, created models in which the motifs related to the paintings of the artist - modernist can be seen. ... ...
  • Guo Pei 1

    Guo Pei is China's most famous couturier. A contemporary representative of her cultural heritage. Guo Pei has breathed new life into embroidery and painting traditions that date back thousands of years. Showcasing the finest examples of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, combining modern innovation and western style. Guo Pei is a passionate craftsman who wants to evoke emotions and inspire people with his art. In the world of ...