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    Бесплатная пробная неделя на онлайн курсе по портрету в Sculpt Art Хотите научиться создавать портреты и стать востребованным мастером в своей индустрии? Запишитесь на бесплатную пробную неделю онлайн курса по портрету! Онлайн курсе по портрету в Sculpt Art С 3 по 10 октября вас ждут: ✅ Уроки вводного модуля, на которых вы создадите заготовку с ...
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    Светлана Гладких — победитель в номинации Выразительность в четвертом сезоне Гаудир. Ее история — наглядный пример, как вера в себя и желание развиваться, приводят к победе даже в таком сложном конкурсе, как Гаудир. Расскажите, пожалуйста, как давно вы занимаетесь куклами и как к этому пришли? Есть ли у вас профессиональное образование или вы самоучка? Куклами ...
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    DDN's choice in the hot August was the work "Snowball". Anna Terekhova's puppet won two awards in the fourth season of the prestigious international puppet competition Gaudir. "Snowball" received the cherished statuette in the category "Composition" and the Grand Prix! A worthy victory. Congratulations to Anna and we look forward to seeing more of her work!  
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    In this masterclass, you will learn how to create a Pink Flamingo textile doll with your own hands. Have fun creating it! Material prepared by Anastasia Golenieva  
  • Народицкая интервью

    Here is an interview with Ima Naroditskaya, member of the jury of the fourth season of the Gaudir competition. Ima Naroditskaya was born, lives and works in Moscow. She is a member of Moscow Union of Artists. She has exhibited her work in Germany and Japan and in USA. In 2001, Ima Naroditskaya was accepted to the National Institute of American Puppet Artists (NIADA). The images of Ima Naroditskaya dolls are inspired by the characters of ...
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    In this video I will tell you how to make a decorative toy yourself, the hero of the fairy tale "Cipollino". Necessary materials and tools: Tissues paper cardboard Pasteboard String foil Wire PVA Glue Hotmelt Acrylic paint Pencil Pencil Brushes Enjoy the creativity! Material prepared by Alexander Tiunova  
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    Today we are presenting Bess, a doll by Shelley Thornton, a beautiful artisan from the USA. Shelley's dolls can be compared to three-dimensional drawings, where colourful textiles are used instead of paints. They are characterized by saturated colours, clear silhouettes, author's stylization. The artist recalls: "Creativity has been my main occupation since I was two years old. I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I lived and worked...
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    In this masterclass, you will learn how to make a textile Beetlejuice puppet with your own hands. Have fun creating it! Material prepared by Anastasia Golenieva  
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    Today, in the column 'Contemporary Masters', we introduce you to Elena Kochurova, a very interesting author, who masterfully combines realistic sculpture and dynamic movements of dolls. Elena creates bdz (articulated) characters. Peculiarity of these dolls is harmony between anatomical movements of articulated figures and realistic image of Heroes. The master says: I was born in Moscow. I've finished the art school, took intensive courses in ...
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    In this video I will tell you how to paint the face of our Hero. Synthetic brushes (# 2 and #000) and acrylic paint are used: Titanium Whitewash (white) Umber (brown) Bordeaux (maroon) Light Violet (purple) Yellow (yellow) Ultramarine Blue (blue) Carbon Black (black) Scarlet (red) Enjoy your creativity! Material prepared by Alexandra Tiunova