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    Каждый раз, после публикации TOP 100 DailyDoll,  на редакционную почту обрушивается шквал писем.  Мы постарались сделать список  самых частых вопросов.  – Это конкурс?  Нет. Это не конкурс. TOP 100 DailyDoll – это независимый ежегодный рейтинг самых ярких кукол в мире.  – Как я могу принять участие в этом проекте? Чтобы принять участие в TOP 100 ...
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    Дорогие друзья, несколько слов от редакции, прежде, чем вы приступите к просмотру TOP 100 DailyDoll 2023.  В этом году мы посвящаем его памяти Лизы Лихтенфельс, ушедшей от нас в прошлом году. Ее работа открывает список самых ярких работ, по версии журнала.  TOP 100 DailyDoll – это не просто список лучших кукол года, это дань уважения ...
  • 2023

    Dear friends, we present to you the long-awaited DailyDoll Top 100 of the past year 2022. It has been a very challenging year for everyone. That's why we especially appreciate the work created during such a difficult time. As always, we have made a random selection of colourful dolls. Of course, there are many more interesting works than 100, and we would like to show them all, but then this list we ...
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    Artist, doll maker Sylvia Weser was born and lived in Germany. Her dolls have many awards - the best doll in Europe, awards in several Eurodoll nominations. Even in her youth she was interested in art and took up painting and sculpture. Her love for dolls started with collecting. When Sylvia made her first clay and plasticine dolls she realised that ...
  • peggy abrams christmas souvenir toys 1

    New Year's souvenir toys created according to the traditional patterns of folk crafts are recognised as the World Heritage of Humanity by the international organisation UNESCO. These days in many cities of the world New Year and Christmas fairs open, where you can see figures for the creche, Santa Claus in the national dress of the country and region of origin, as well as sweet gingerbread, candy and ... kind smiles of passers-by. In recent ...
  • bebeestrella1 1

    The author of the "Little Christmas Light" doll, María de Jesús Rodríguez Flores, is a member of the UNIDIA Art Doll Association. Technique and materials: polymer clay, old brass van. 7 cm I share with you this little Christmas baby.  
  • exhibition the art of dolls 1

    XIII Moscow International Exhibition ART OF THE PUPPET 9-11 December 2022 Gostiny Dvor, 4 Ilyinka Str. The exhibition is organized by the Cultural Foundation "WORLD CUPPETS" Website: artkukly.rf The universe of archaic and the archaic meta-universe. The exhibition of 2022 will go down in history as an event of a planetary scale - the demonstration to the general public of the world's first neural network puppets! Why is this presentation unique and super-sensational? We are all ...
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    Julien Martinez is a contemporary French artist, a graduate of the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture, miniature, design and incarnation of Blythe, Pullip, Dal, Toffee, BJD and antique dolls. The Bordeaux-born artist has a knack for creating melancholy characters with red eyes, disheveled hair and decadent clothing; blending aristocratic and country life in 19th century France to reflect the loneliness of human ...
  • Author's dolls Lesley Gail Keeble

    Lesley Gail Keeble works with self-curing clay and paper papier-mache and gives textiles a major role in the creation of her dolls. Her dolls are far from the academic norms of plastic anatomy, but they are all the more lively and welcoming to the viewer. The creator moves forward without looking back, he ignores the opinion of critics and vain "philosophers", putting above all the process of creation and immersion...
  • bambola

    Our choice this month was a wonderful dolls exhibition in Rome. Organised by Paola Bellecca. Full information can be found at IL SALOTTO DELLA BAMBOLA E DEL GIOCATTOLO D'EPOCA Ekaterina Tarasova Alexandra Kukinova Julia Weller Simona Catapano Laura Scattolini Elisa Fenoglio Claudia Raddi Patrizia Cozzo Elisa Gallea Loredana Salvo